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GingerBread MystaGogue

A Mystery GingerBread has NOT been Specialized Exclusively through the AGES

Est. December 2022

Thank You for Checking In

GingerGogue is a Holiday Arts & Crafts Workshop (Specialed GingerBread) 

Offers Instruction on CenterPiece Displays for Special Events

Ce Que C'est (What It Is) 

Cottage Industry

Novelty Market

Some of What We Do
Field Cakes

Featured:  Stone & Leather Cakes  

Sugar Cookie Illumination of Personalized Emblems

Sugar Cookie Graphics for "UnDecorated" Cakes

GingerBread & Sugar Cookie have Natural Characteristics that Resemble StoneCraft when Modeled in Pure Form

Patrick Marcoe
Lafayette Colorado

We're Here to Help Friends & Fellow Citizens with the Interest We Share in this Subject



Pricing Factors Include Retail Sales Tax + Cost of Production + WIX Utilization Fees


Grand Scale Model         $5000

Petite Scale          $1000

Miniature           $100

Promotional Print (Poster)             $20

  T-Shirt             $30

HandCraft Brochure               $5

Delivery & Set-Up of Model Purchases are Negotiable Based on Client Preference

Models are Projected to Exhibit for Two Years (Lognevity of Product has Yet to be Determined-Proven)

*Six Months (Current Trend)

*GingerGogue does NOT Assume Risk Associated w/Display Models OR Damage Beyond Delivery

GinerGogue is a Program of Instruction (POI)

Institution: Project WorkShops (20 Capacity)

Cost / Participant:          $200


 POI  =  Six Hours

   POI can be Administered Off-Site (Remote) w/Acceptable Arrangemnts (Pre-Determined)


Fabrication Techniques are Performed with EXACTO Blades 

No "Cookie-Cutter" Applications (No Reproductions)

All Design Motifs are Original 


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